Infinitesimal calculus and intuitionistic logic

Before I make a posting about Kateryna Yushchenko I’d like to put online my undergrad thesis. It concerns the infinitesimal calculus and intuitionistic logic. Eventually I hope to generalise the findings in the paper and in doing so touch on work by Gotthard Günther, Niklas Luhmann and Solomon Feferman. I’ll hope you’ll join me then. I need to find a good tool for converting LateX to HTML or, failing that, PDF to HTML. I could rewrite the whole thing in LateX but maybe once it is indexed by web crawlers and/or I find one of these tools I won’t have to. I wrote it originally using OpenOffice, then a while later I taught myself LateX (with this paper as the guinea pig) and I am loath to rewrite it again in HTML.

The Analyst Revisited: From Berkeley to Brouwer

If anybody finds any errors, of grammar or otherwise in the paper please let me know. One objection that has been raised is that the existence of nilpotent infinitesimals (as opposed to the more usual non-standard infinitesimals of Robinson, say) precludes R, the set of reals, from acting as a field – which is apparently a problem for some people – it’s not a problem for me.