Ecce Homo

Anthony Durity

PhD student, Digital Arts and Humanities
College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
University College Cork
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4 comments on “Ecce Homo

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Conor here from the ‘Rest’. Just dropping you a line to say hello. Found some of your teachings very, very intriguing.
    Delved a little into Lambda calculus. The basic concepts are really not as complex as they seemed after a few pints of Guinness! It does seem to be a mathematical framework for supporting computer programming. I will read up some more on it in the coming months, but programming isn’t really an area I have ever read up on before.
    Anyway, all the best with the research.

    1. Hey Conor,

      You tracked me down :) You’ve a good memory!

      I’m glad that Alonzo Church’s lambda calculus intrigues you. It has me mesmerised :/ The connection I was trying to convey to you was between the form the lambda calculus takes and Peirce’s logical terms. The mapping (in my head) goes like this:

      • Firstness is a thing-in-itself (think, for instance, noun), something that is independent, this maps to the notion of a variable/symbol/atom in lambda calculus
      • Secondness is of-something-else (think, for instance, adjective), something that is dependent, this maps to the notion of an abstraction in lambda calculus
      • Thirdness joins-two-things (think, for instance, direct verb), something that makes a relation, this maps to the notion of an application in lambda calculus

      Relations greater than thirdness can be decomposed into thirdnesses, a couple of people have gone to the bother of proving this but its plain to see that this is the case.

      Warning: nobody thinks like this. Many would scoff at this.

      Best regards …

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